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8 min readFeb 5, 2022

Why we are creating it. What we are building. And why you might be interested to mint and hold the EveryNFT mintpass. Always #DYOR.

Official Website to mint: https://everynft.me/mintpass

The NFT market is growing fast. That’s a good thing, right?! Alone Opensea exceeded the $6B trading volume in January 2021.


But anyone who is really spending a great amount of time in NFTs will agree that the NFT market is also very challenging on many many levels.
That is why one of our founders has started a Podcast (Top 10 Technology Charts in Germany) to talk about all the different facets of the industry. It’s so complex that one person or entity can impossibly catch everything.

However a few very specific reasons became clear for us to start the Mintpass journey. Here are four observations why we came up with the structure and form of the EveryNFT mintpass.

Main Observations that triggered the Mintpass

First: We see and analyze that more and more scam & money grab projects on ETH are surfacing. These are projects that are highly manipulated once you start looking into the Wallet/Etherscan Data and use social media analysis tools to see the flow of users.

Second: A lot of NFTs are ANON groups, who don’t have any kind of accountability. They can rugpull you down at any moment and you will not be able to do anything about it. The best of this (scammer) league use Tornado-Cash to hide their transaction and off they go.

Third: They are true great communities like the Deadfellaz, Robotos and some DAOs like NounsDAO also have really valuable communities. We really appreciate these communities full of creative power. We have also witnessed the growth of communities like Hyperscale, where same-minded people came together to build something together. Zeneca for example has created the 333 Club for leaders in the NFT market. The entry is only for 333 people for a entry fee of 3.33 ETH. Also a great (but not affordable for everyone) idea to create value for the community.

Fourth: The more people enter the NFT market the more difficult it will become for everyone to mint highly anticipated projects. People are “grinding” like crazy for so-called WL spots (we rather like to use the term Early Access) and spend an amazingly high amount of time on Discords. Unfortunately this has caused a high flipping culture. Bot-Farms and Armies of (fake) Discord-Members have risen, spending a lot of time on Discord as it has become a very lucrative business. You can mint a project and 10x or sometimes 50x within 24 hours by flipping. It’s not a very healthy structure for the projects, nor for the industry.

Besides these four main observations it became clear to us that there is no similar entity in Germany, doing what EveryNFT is establishing and building.

The EveryNFT mintpass

So what is EveryNFT building?!

When we started building EveryNFT with a founding team that has a background of each 20 years in the creative and business industry, it became clear to us very fast that we would not build another marketplace like Opensea, LooksRare, Rarible and many many others already existing. EveryNFT should rather become a NFT Launchpad enabling many new and/or known great creators into NFTs with collectible projects, with generative projects or with edition projects. It shall also become a kind of Soho-House of NFTs in Germany with real life events, a Discord that has real “alpha” and full transparency. And a Non-Anon curated platform to make sure that all projects running on our Launchpad have a certain quality and future! We are always betting in teams and people who do nothing but create.

This is how we have started with Cans an incredibly talented illustrator on the Cyclops project. And this is also how we are just starting to work with fantastic and unique illustrator Gizem Winter to work on the Women Hackers Club. Both have an incredible portfolio and communities outside of the NFT space. EveryNFT enables their work to become a NFT collectible by creating common ideas and concepts, creating a dedicated creative and marketing team around the artists and by creating the roadmap together. EveryNFT also is responsible for the technical parts, the website, the randomization and of course the Smart Contract, deployment and minting process. In these cases we are more like a native NFT studio, taking the edge of the creative team and utilizing many years of experience in building teams around great projects; formerly around customer budgets — now on our NFT projects.

In a case with Bobo Comics by very well known author, artist and illustrator Serkan Altunigne we didn’t provide additional creative team because he has been drawing the character BOBO and the Bobo Comics for more than 7 years. Here it became clear that we need to provide the entry to the NFT market to encourage his audience and community to join the journey.

Then we also have artists like Chefket, a German rapper who will do a small edition drop on EveryNFT or music labels (NDA) that we are working closely to bring out NFT projects and concepts to EveryNFT. As well as looking into Film, Architecture and many other disciplines.

Oh and we have a world-class partner for our upcoming Artist Authentication and Artwork Verification: Ubirch GmbH (the company behind the German vaccination app that enabled 80million users).

So is my Mintpass only valid for EveryNFT drops?

Short answer: No.

The great part of the NFT community is that you get to meet active members. We have made many friends in 2021 with some highly interesting people, either creators, developers or even theorists.

With the EveryNFT mintpass we have a 1.000 Edition Mintpass (100xBlack and 900x Blue). This gives many new projects and creators the incredible advantage to leverage on a highly active and interested community by collaborating with us. All they have to do is enable our smart contract in their smart-contract to WL Mintpass owners.

Setting up a Accreditation process

We are already in talks with a couple of projects but quickly it became clear: We will NOT enable just random projects. Therefore we are now setting up a proper accreditation process for all upcoming projects to make sure they are Non-Anon and have a strong team behind their vision. We want to make sure that projects that are available for the Mintpass really have a benefit to the holders. Ideally projects will come at a very early stage to us, before the “hype”. This will have many benefits for new projects and to our Mintpass holders.

However even after we approve the Accreditation we will use Snapshot.org to ask let the Mintpass holders vote if they agree on the WL chance. This shall give a second layer of #DYOR and extensify the commitment into new projects.

Will all holders always be WL to all projects?!
This is impossible to say. There might be external projects that only want to give out 50 or 100 WL spots. In those cases we will use a raffle.
It is also possible that only Hypnos holders will be enabled. Or in the future we might need to add another level of participation by looking at the wallet activity. It doesn’t make sense to enable WL spots to Mintpass holders who are not participating in any mint. As our clear vision is to build a active and great community — ideally, the finest in the NFT space.

What is the Inner Circle?

The EveryNFT Inner Circle is the Soho House of NFTs and a own own Ecosystem. These are some of the benefits the holders can expect:

  • Early Access to upcoming projects like Cyclops, WomenHackersClub, HexNouns and whenever possible.
  • Special Airdrops only to Mintpass owners.
  • 15 % Reduced Mint price on these Drops, as long as the technical aspects allow.
  • Real Life Events like a Summer Berlin NFT meetup, Zoom Conferences with special guests.
  • On-Site real life minting at participating galleries. For example: Special Artist drop where you have to attend the gallery, show your mintpass and get access.
  • Metaverse Access to our WorldWideWebb Apartment, future Sandbox Land and DCL Headquarter of EveyNFT.
  • Special Channel and Tag on Discord via Collab.Land
  • Frens! Yes, Frens. We like to know each other. Chat. Hang. Build a real inner Circle.
  • Voting Right using Snapshot.org for the second step of accreditation and other topics that may come up. We want to keep this a democratic process with many participating levels. We are web3 in core, not web2.
Cronus Mintpass (900 max)

Tech and Collection Size

  • There will be a max. of 1000 x Mintpasses. The mint is randomized. After the mint you will either receive a Cronus or a Hypnos.The Cronus (blue) / Hypnos (black) Ratio is 9:1.
  • Looping 3D NFT (2160 × 2160) with immersive Sound Design
  • The Hypnos card has some further benefits like 1 x free Cyclops mint.
  • The EveryNFT Mintpass is a ERC721 living on the ETH Blockchain.
  • All NFTs will be pinned to IPFS once the collection is sold out.
  • Max Mint: 5 per wallet

Two different versions

First off: We love greek mythology. If you are paying attention to traits you will always find a hint towards this passion. We have created two version of the Mintpass: The Cronus and the Hypnos. Through a randomized mint you might receive either one. They are both eligible for the above mentioned gimmicks. However the Hypos (sometimes) will have further benefits, like minting 1 x Free Cyclop PFP for instance.

Wen Drop?

Sunday 6pm, Central Europe Time.


We also have additional information on our website.
Web: https://everyNFT.me/mintpass


You are very welcome to join our discord and join the the conversation with us. Either you buy or don’t buy a mintpass, everyone (except bots & scammers) is welcome!
Discord: https://discord.gg/eveynft




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