You may know EveryNFT as the creator of the mintpass.

2 min readMar 25, 2022

You may even know EveryNFT as the leading German NFT launchpad.
But EveryNFT is so much more!

So, who are we?

Apart from the mentioned characteristics, EveryNFT is the perfect partner to NFT enthusiasts, newbies, creators, artists, and just everyone who feels connected to the world of NFTs, art, and blockchain applications. EveryNFT is here to stay and to become an even more essential part of the NFT and blockchain world. This goal will not only be reached by curating projects and elevating artists, but also by providing the technical infrastructure and executing the project vision with business development and partnership management.

The team and the company behind EveryNFT, the NFT native startup Metonymy Machine GmbH based in Berlin, are highly skilled when it comes to creativity and technology.

We are dividing our Units into “Curated Drops” with artistic partners like Serkan Altunigne , the German Rapper Chefket and our own creator studio with our own brands & IPs. These include projects such as the WomenHackersClub in partnership with Gizem Winter or the Cyclops in a partnership with CANS.

Also, we have been here since the very early days of NFTs and have therefore experienced a lot: from failures to successes — we went through it. We will continue building and following our passion for NFTs, but more importantly: for the community. This is why we believe in fostering a healthy, organically growing, and engaging community. Bringing together like-minded people is what we set as our mission.

If you are an artist, a brand executive for partnerships, an NFT collector or only looking for your first entry in Web3, please feel free to join us on our Discord and be part of the conversation.




Germany’s leading NFT launchpad. Mintpass & Drops: — For Artists, Brands & Collectors.